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Where’s she gone? We’ve lost her now. I couldn’t help it. That’s a fine thing! Let’s get off. It’s no use yelping, get off quick. Shouting Look out! Watch out! Joe Across the road, fellers, hurry up! There she is. Joe Taxi! Taxi! Taxi, oi! Taxi! Hey, taxi! Joe Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! That’s torn it. No it hasn’t, we’ll take a bus. Where to, you silly little shrimp? Number , Moyne Road. That’s where the lady told the driver. I was holding the taxi door. Cor! Good old Alec! Come on! Shh! Whispers Go on, Alec. What do you want here? Can you spare something for the choir outing? What choir? St Mark’s, Miss. Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? I don’t know. I expect you’ve seen me in church. Tapping of typewriter keys Ah yes, that must be it. Come along in, dear. I’ll get my bag. I want to tell you about the outing. You shall. Come along. No, I’ll stop here. Oh no you won’t. This was the one they use. We’ve got her. Look out! I get it. I thought as much. We’ll see what the police have to say. Joe Good old Dicky! Clarry Round the chair, Dicky! I’ll break your necks! Lay off, will you? Cut it out! You’ll get five years and the cat! Take your filthy paws off me. Miss Davis Well, what happens now? What now, Joe? Don’t you think you’re going to get away with this. Whistles What’s happened? We’ve tied her up. What? Here, quick. Have a look at this. Was them stories done on the same machine? I don’t know. Supposing she’s seen me with you. What am I going to say to her? She won’t be there. You can talk, I’ve got a job to lose. What’s that bird’s name? Her? Rhona Davis. Why is this addressed to Miss Rhona Watson? Why don’t she use her right name at your office? I’m going to ring my boss and tell him we’re really on to something. That’s right, come on! Dicky, Alec, watch her, make her talk! You get back on guard! Do we go back in there? You heard what he said. We’ve got to make her talk. Couldn’t we tickle her? Don’t talk silly. But it worked fine in “The Case Of The Cross-Eyed Chinaman”. No guv, I’m in a call box. Speedwell