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How will I ever get pregnant? We’re more likely to die in a plane crash. Just keep on trying. It’s so unfair. What’s wrong with me? Maybe you should find yourself another girlfriend. Sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with you. The doctor said there were lots of other ways: IVF, marathons, keep on trying. It’ll be fine, darling. Will I see you this evening? Call me? Dad? I really think this is a great idea for the new exhibition. Dad? Dad! Yes. Discuss it with Walter. I thought I was going to work on the exhibition? Yes, you can help him. Games Help him? What about me? Walter has worked here for four years. You’ve only been here a month. Everything Walter designs is so boring. You haven’t had any practical experience. It’s an exhibition, not the Roman Panthion. It’s not Panthion, it’s Pantheon. Yes? Yes, the layout ofthe accommodation space. Remove all the diagonals. Yes. Now that I was in love, Bob’s poems actually came in handy. Were you here first, and me the egg? Wow, beautiful! Clever, eh? Mum had a date with some guy named Mark. Sorry, sorry. Games Who unfortunately was clumsy. It’s the table. Games Yeah. I’ll go and get someone. Excuse me, but are you Judith Miller? Games Yes. I think you’re great. I’ve been a fan for years. Years! And you’re still so successful, even at your age. Hi, girls. Games Hi, Mum. Men are hopeless! Successful director Theo Cremer has won another prize. He took time out of his busy schedule to receive the prize in person. We have been selected at Cannes. Theo Cremer! He’s perfect! He’s handsome, successful, charming. He’s going to be my newlover. Mum! Games Does he know about this? Those are mere details, sweetie. Hello, Eddy. It’s Judith. Listen, I’m going to do that Theo Cremer film. Call him, now! Who’s going to play the lead? Games Just a moment. Judith Miller, this country’s biggest star. Judith, wonderful. OK, we’re going to do another one. Just a bit longer, for some photos. That’s it. Thank you! Incredible.