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A trip to the rainbow I’ve got a problem. What problem? Uh…with kissing. Kissing? Well… First of all, Max, there’s no problem that money can’t solve. Tammy will break out the kneepads and mouthwash when she finds out how rich you are. CHUCKLES SNORING MAN By the way, Sam, Jerry Buss called. He and Jack want to meet you at Spago for dinner after the Lakers game tonight. Maps to the stars’ homes, $. Schuyler! Is that you? Schuyler! Hey! Work with me. Grimm? Sam Grimm? The mortuary king? That’s me, babe. Oh, ccongratulations on your great success. Thank you. What happened to your legs? I…I lost them in a poker game. I’m blind too, you know, and I have hemorrhoids the size of monkey heads. Ah. But how do you live? I sell maps, turn tricks. For bucks, I can make a man feel real good. Oh. Come and work for me at the mansion. I can always use a man with no legs. Oh! You’re You’re a saint. ATOMIZER SPRAYS MOANS Put him in the trunk! LAUGHTER ECHOES I’d like to make a big deposit. NURSES Ooh! Is all that money really yours? Uhhuh. And the nurses too? That’s right, and it isn’t easy keeping them all satisfied. Well, what about your problem? NURSES What problem? Listen, Max, what do you say we go out right now and get married? Marriage is a disease. NURSES And we’re the cure! Tammy, you had your chance. Now eat your heart out. Girls? NURSES LAUGH SOBBING Come on, Max. It’s game time. Forget it. I’m not going. Max! It’s $ million. Frankly, Sam, I don’t give a damn. PHONE RINGS Grimm Mortuary and Academy. You kill ’em, we chill ’em. Excuse me, we’re Sam and Max Grimm, and we Listen, I’ve been waiting almost one hour. Where the hell is Truscott? I told you. Dr. Truscott is in the embalming room and cannot be disturbed. This bill is eightmonths overdue. If I don’t receive payment by next week, he’s gonna find himself without Lullaby Baby Caskets. Got it? Ah! Pinhead. LAUGHS We have an appointment with Dr. Truscott. Oh! Well, have a seat. I’ll let him know you’re here. Thank you. TRUSCOTT What a tragedy that such a beautiful woman should be struck down in her prime,