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Susie. Is she okay? No. Sh Game She’s gone. She’s dead. No. No, you’re Game You’re lying. I want you to know I am so sorry. Where did you find her? We had to pull her out of Game Did she suffer? I’m sorry. Do you know who did this? Nathan. I want you to know right here and now That whatever it is Game that Game That you’re going through, I’m gonna be there for you. I am. Shhhh. What the hell are you doing? You’re nothing. You’re not a man. Rachel, that’s not funny. You Game let your household fall. Okay, Rachel, stop this, huh? What’s gotten into you? We were never enough. Emily needed a father. Rachel, that’s enough. You killed her! Hey! You killed your baby girl. Do not say something like that! You’re a fake. What the hell’s wrong with you, huh? Give yourself up for her! Cleanse her! Sanctify her By washing her of water with the word. Never has one hated their own flesh. Hold fast. One flesh. Stop this, huh?! Lies and tricks. You deceitful bastard. Stop it! Stop it. Get out of here. Get out of here! You’re not welcome! You’re not welcome! You’re not wel Game Stop it. Stop it! Stop it. I should’ve stood by her side. I should’ve listened to her. I can’t explain what I saw. I don’t even know if I believe it myself, but Game I know I can’t control it. The mind’s a prison of your own making. Funny thing about that little fella Game So small to be carrying all that weight by himself. Yeah, but he’s still carrying it. You love your wife, Michael? Show her. It just ain’t right. The man’s been through hell and back with his wife. His wife? I’d listen to him. What are you talking about? It probably ain’t my place to say. This town is full of secrets. We’re all just creatures of habit. We don’t look to right our wrongs. We just Game We just live with them. Have you noticed any strange patterns with your wife? Fits? Blackouts? SelfMutilations? Your wife wrote that phrase Game years ago. She was a patient here. LI was just an intern, But I’ll never forget it.