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ERIC VON: When a company starts to deal with users, and discovers that it can get ideas from users, that’s Mindstorms. That’s the new way of saying, you will deal with your Adult Fans Of LEGO, and you will get from them useful ideas. We need to be aware that .% of the smartest people in the world don’t work for us. In the wake of the Mindstorms product release, the LEGO company was more open to ideas that came from outside the walls of its design room. Chicago Architect Adam Reed Tucker builds skyscrapers out of LEGO bricks. In , when his firm went belly-up from the economy Adam decided to return to the more artistic side of architecture by creating architectural models. One day I ventured out to a local toy store and filled about a dozen shopping carts of LEGO sets to get reacquainted with the brick. And when I got home, I dumped out all these sets, and my fiancée came home, and she saw me sitting there and she made a U-turn. Then an hour later, called me and said, “Is there something I need to know?” Adam’s work soon caught the attention of the LEGO company’s Paal Smith-Meyer. And I had this idea that let’s start new business with people who have a passionate feeling about what we do. And then I meet Adam and he’s standing there with these super tall structures built out of LEGO. And I’m like, “Wow! These are amazing.” We can do a whole line but me coming from the inside, I need evidence, you know, I need proof. So we can prove to the world that this works. Two months later, I come to BrickWorld and Adam says, “I have a surprise for you.” And then he’s created boxes of the first set. On his own, Adam had designed the box graphics and had packaged every single set. If Adam and Paal could make the architecture series happen, it would take some convincing. After all, what Adam was proposing to a toy company wasn’t exactly a toy and up until now LEGO designs were only made by LEGO designers. If he hadn’t taken and been so pushy, LEGO architecture as it is today probably wouldn’t happen. The series was a success, and the