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Thank you so much for everything, Rohit Good bye Hold it, sir! Don’t kill him, sir lf you kill Rohit.then even if you build the computer again you’ll never be able to start it You need a password to start the computer and the password is Rohit himself. What? Yes, sir l’ve seen it with my own eyes. Until scans of his retina and heartbeat are fed into the computer. the computer will not start. This means, l’ll have to keep you alive till l don’t build a new computer. But die, you will. Forthe world. Breaking news. Tragedy strikes! Following a fire that broke out in the lab of Technotronics. The famous lndian genius Rohit Mehra has met with a tragic death. Let’s observe a -minute silence, so that Rohit Mehra’s soul rests in peace. Ever since, l had no choice but to work for Dr Arya. l couldn’t even go to the police. because if Dr Arya doubted me, he would’ve killed me. And l was the only man who could get in touch with yourfamily. That’s exactly why l’ve been looking foryour grandma and you for so many years. And finally, l met you today, through Priya. Dr Arya years. for years, he’s kept a mother away from her son and a son away from his father lt’s because of his lies that l lost my mother. Where is my father? Here in Singapore. For years Dr Arya has used machines to keep him in a state that only his brain is alive, his body almost dead. Good evening, my friend Rohit Mehra How are you feeling today? Are these machines taking good care of you? Yes? Good! Tomorrow’s the glorious and historic day when my, sorry, our computer will be inaugurated. Yes! Ours, because nothing was possible without you For so many years, you have shown such patience and understanding and cooperated with me. When the computer starts tomorrow your utility will come to an end, and so will your pain. See you tomorrow Breaking news! Dr Arya has suddenly been reminded of the poet Kabir. Do today, what you must do tomorrow. and do right now, what you must do today. That’s why, Dr Arya has decided to start the computertoday itself. and also end Rohit’s life.