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Animal Hospital: Sick Cat She’s been acting kind of crazy sometimes at work. She’s drinking. Just in the past few weeks. She never drank before. It’s all like she’s building up to something. Maybe building her nerve. That’ll be all, Lieutenant. This little bitch is turning me on. music playing crowd cheering Nancy This place stinks. I never used to notice. Not when I danced. Now I smell everything. I see it all. Every damn thing. I know exactly where I am. I know exactly what I am. I don’t use the stripper logic any more, that they’re losers and I’m not. It was when I couldn’t shoot him that I realized I was dead. That I wasn’t a woman with a plan. I was just a drunk. laughter I give them what they want. screaming Then I get the hell out of there. man on TV Are you still there, Sam? He shot me in the gut. It wasn’t me, Sam. It was the babe. Rotten town. It soils everybody it touches. in unison This rotten town. Those it can’t corrupt, it soils. It’s soiled you, John Hartigan. Put that bottle down, Nancy. You’ve had enough. It made you lie to me. You’re not even here right now. You said you’d never leave me. I never left you. I never will. Never. You’re not even here right now. You’re dead. You blew your brains out. Stuck your gun in your mouth and you blew your brains out. I had my reasons. There was no way out. I hate you! You swore you’d always love me. And I always will. Hartigan No one has ever really guessed what hell is. It’s watching the people you love game game in pain. screams You’re the only man I ever loved. And you left me alone. You never thought we’d stand a chance against goddamn Senator Roark. You didn’t believe in me. chuckles You didn’t think a little piece of ass like me could take down the most powerful man in the state. cackling Maybe I’ll prove both of you wrong. Maybe I’ll go crazy. Crazy’s sounding pretty good right now. I love you, Nancy. Roark cackling Roark echoing You little slut. You’re gonna scream before you die. You’re out of your mind. I appreciate the obsession, but you got nothing. You