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Animal Puzzle Game She makes my name sound like music. Like a chant to some dark god. She’s slippery with sweat. Before long, my hatred is spent, but she won’t let go. She kisses me and coaxes me and the fire grows again. I say all the things I swore I’d never say again. She owns me. Body and soul. Tell me everything. Manute, the man who beat you game He’s a specialist in inflicting pain. Hideous pain, in all the places you just gave me joy. That’s sick. That’s crazy. Damien, my husband, he talks and talks and watches. It’s worse each time. He’s getting closer to his final, sick climax. He says I’ll be very ugly before I die. Ava, you’re not gonna die. You’re coming with me. It’s hopeless. He lets me run away. Even laughs about it. Doesn’t care where I go, what I do. He knows Manute will always find me. Isn’t that right, Manute? Madam, Mr. Lord will require that you be disciplined. No, Dwight! Don’t fight him! He’ll kill you! He’s not human. Dwight voice over I punch a vault door. It doesn’t fall down, so I punch it again. A wrecking ball hits me square in the chest. Mrs. Lord, your coat. We have an appointment. Dwight They can’t take her away from me. Not this time. I know exactly what to do. I know exactly where to go. Now here’s a girl with protection. She may be showing off everything she’s got in a ratty dive full of horny drunks, but Nancy’s the safest gal in the world. Make a grab for Nancy and you’re up against pounds of iron that goes by the name of Marv. Marv. Dwight. I didn’t even see you there. What can I do you for? I need your help. It’s bad. It means going up against a lot of guns. Count me in. I could use a change of pace. Dwight We finish off the bottle, letting its liquid darkness fill us both. When I’m sure he’s had enough to make him good and dangerous, I tell him about Ava, and his eyes go killer red. I know he’s willing to die for me, if that’s what it takes. So I’m using him. So what? So he breaks the faces I want him to break instead of somebody else ‘s. So he helps me get Ava back in my arms again instead of sleeping