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Baby Pony 2 I never liked that look in your eyes, like a wolf. What are you staring at? I’ll gorge your eyes out. You dare to call it dirty? You say this is a dirty scandal? You bastard! I know you’re in there. I don’t know why you won’t let me in. I can’t concentrate on my studying, and I’m going to mess up my exams Why does it hurt so much? I don’t know why it hurts so much I could easily wrap my fingers around Eungyo’s ankle. Her heel slipped between my fingers And she giggled. Her fragrant head rested below my chin And my lips were already buried in her hair. She sighed like a pair of bellows. I held you close in my arms I caressed your hair, your shoulders, your waist And I put my ear to your chest listening to your heart beating. You were so heartbreakingly beautiful. Did you read it? Eungyo reads Eungyo. Do all writers do this? Stealing other people’s stories, using names without permission. I’m sorry. Did you really write this? How did you find out his henna? He told me about that. He told you? He told you about it? You two don’t keep secrets from each other? What is he to you? My beloved and respected teacher. A father figure. Then you tell him everything as well? Yes. I am so pretty in the story. Thank you. Why are you doing this? You are doing this because you like me? I’m lonely, that’s why. Will you tell him about this? It’s about time they called They will never pick a genre novelist or a bestselling author. Finally! Winner of annual Literary Award Eungyo by Seo Jiwoo! Really? Really. Eungyo is the winner. I won the annual Literary Award? I told you would win. The judges have gone to dinner. Wow Has Mr. Lee Jeokyo read Eungyo? Yes. What did he say? He told me this. ‘It’s like you went through my mind’ ‘It’s scary.’ I thought he couldn’t make it? What’s going on? He’s here. Look. The th Literary Award winner is Eungyo written by Mr. Seo Jiwoo! lam honored to introduce a special guest today He is here to give a congratulatory speech. I believe this is his first public appearance. Mr. Seo Jiwoo has called him a fatherfigure