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Yes, but I don’t know if it’s them. You must believe me, I can tell you the truth in here and I’ve told you! What you say inside here is useless if you won’t repeat it outside! No! I came to tell you but I won’t testify outside. You won’t speak in front of the judges, correct? I have to think about my daughter. You know what they’re saying here? They say my investigations is just a political campaign to sling mud at certain big shots in Rome! That the confessions where forced! That Don Mariano was a victim! They say that I’ve blamed an honest man and that I deliberately ignored to investigate the crime of passion! Do you understand!? I’m saving you from ruin! And what are you doing for me? I did what I could. No! Like the others, you did what I told you to do! You did nothing of your own will! But I still managed all the same. Even though I only got silence from all of you instead of help. Well, what is it Rosa? Are you also thinking that I’m, as all the others say, ‘arrogant’? Go on, say it! What do I know? Who knows you? “At the inauguration above the authorities, the dead underneath” Captain Bellodi! You can’t pass. Let me through! Captain Bellodi! Captain, do you want a drink? What are you doing, you pulling it all up? Piece by piece. Everything. And who’ll pay for it? Corporal! Come here! Come, we’ve found him! Captain, here! Let the Captain through! Come on, hurry! Who is it? It’s who they were searching for Game Rosa Nicolosi’s husband. The one they couldn’t find. Come on, turn him over! Parineddu! It’s Parineddu! Remove that cork from his mouth. That letter Captain Game you get it? It’s them who sent it. Masons, builders, carpenters, labourers, unemployed! Bring yourselves to the housing projects! Bless you Don Mariano! My respects Don Mariano! Don Mariano Arena is back! He’s a good Christian! Santuzza! Bring me the binoculars from the writing desk. The air in Palermo didn’t do me good. It made me heavy and nauseous. My head always felt heavy. Have you read? They arrested the director of Banco Provinciale. Why did they arrest him? He was a good man.