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Baby PonyTime this information to the Georgian government. And they offered them a deal. and Georgians agreed. And month later there was Russian and Georgian Conflict There were new bosses, and ownership of the waters have been seen since. The Russians do not even know subs there. Georgians know exact location. Augoura can not go into conflict is resolved. They tired up in paper work in ing politics. Mean while submarine is sitting on the seabed. Full of gold. What do you want from me? I need a submarine. Blackie here have contacts but it will cost ,. And MAn. I need man. half british. half Russians. It’s a Russian submarine. I take % of anything up to million dollors. % of anything above that. Ok. Kurston, it went well. give me a call back game So How many do we need? It is a Foxtrot submarine. need men minimmum. ok game . well we got two of us and Kurston. then Reynolds and Peter. They have both been in the navy. And the Russians? What Jusof, he is a good man. be drunk, Take Levchenko instead. Levchenko. Zaytsev for angines And Baba by sonar. He hears best in the Russian Navy. The charts Morozov. How do you get into boat? With a remotecontrolled drone? No, the fleet is just please upstaires We use divers. Converts escape compartment into a pressure chamber. Sneak in and out. Without someone seeing. We need good divers for this. Do you know Fraser? i know Fraser. He is a psychopath. psychopath. he is. but he is a incredible diver. Half male, half ing fish. Gittens is pretty good in the water. we gambling problem. what? well. It was Lewis. im going with you. I ing going with you. I have claustrophobia. i bet you are. Hi, this is Mark Kurston. Leave a message. I will call back to you. Kurston where the hell are you? call me. Are you Robinson? I am friend of mark heston. Hi. He killed himself. game . when i was a kid. i was Stayed there. He was sweet and nice life. Helped me out. He ate nerve pills. its the all i wants. Do you know who am i? For the sum insured. So could the wife pay the mortgage. He asked me to come to see you.