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This is a good game This shows the limits of executive-producing capacity. I was not allowed to make the cow white. Both Jake Braver and I are fired from any future John projects because we didn’t make that cow entirely white. Another great scene in the band room. I love that the band room is sort of where they hang out, and I love the way that Nat is walking here. I love the way he puts the backpack down. All of that is so Q to me. And then that was Orlando briefly. That was very briefly Orlando. That’s OBT, Orange Blossom Trail, in Orlando. Oh, man. Which is not game I mean, that’s where this would be, right? Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean there’s a lot of places where it could be, but that’s one of them. It’s not the nicest part of Orlando, we should say. Yeah, no, it’s where the topless bars are and, yeah game You know game Anyway. Orlando’s a lovely city and game I’m just saying, when you get the guidebook for Orlando, they’re like, “This is exactly the place you shouldn’t go.” Right. So that’s where I went. That’s good thinking. Yeah. So, yeah, this is Q’s first big break with his friends, where he really feels like they don’t game You know, like this is something really important to him and to them. I think, maybe Ben was excited about it at first, but it’s like, “All right, if she’s gone, she’s gone.” You know, like, we wanna have a real life in high school, and I think a party, to Ben, is maybe the most exciting thing he’s ever thought of. Right. I mean, the chance to be at a party with Lacey and Becca and Jase, it’s pretty cool, it’s pretty special, and it feels like an end-of-high-school thing. I think in Ben’s mind, he’s in the movie Can’t Hardly Wait, and he thinks that this is going to be the thing, the night. Which it does kind of prove to be, in some ways. It kind of is. He wasn’t wrong. He wasn’t entirely wrong. There’s the moment that he was trying to figure out what that dustless rectangle might be. And this is a big John executive-producing moment, because we were planning only to film him going up to that dustless rectangle,