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Barbie And Cute Horse Yeah. And these babies were moderate to severe mental retardation Game That’s pretty sad news. Yeah. And, umm, if they would talk, they would talk words or less. How far along were you at that point? Five months and two weeks. They just passed a law in Nebraska to keep doctors from doing this there. Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t have it done there, ’cause they can’t do it weeks and beyond. So, and it’s hurtful because it was a planned pregnancy and I did want it. Right right.. But I mean, I’d rather her not, you know, not suffer. Right. So Game My job is to help you get through this safely so you can go on, live your life and maybe have other pregnancies that would be healthy in the future. That’s my idea. Okay? Alright. I’ll take care of myself. Okay, alright, okay Game oh. You did fine. Thanks. Go ahead and cry. Thank you. Okay, why don’t I just give you this whole box of Kleenex? Thank you Game You’re gonna need it. It’s a long way back to Nebraska. Yeah. Yeah, huh. Can we eat now? Is it lunch time? So when we’re finished here, Susan, I need to talk to you about a woman that called from France. Ohhh Game I feel quite certain we are not able to see her but I promised her that I would talk with you about it. How many weeks? Game Many. Ssshhh Game Fetal anomaly? No. Was it a compel Game very compelling? I mean, you know, I was Game No. No? Only, not really Game I mean, only in that, you know, she already had one negative pregnancy test, because she was having, I guess light periods or something. But then you know, decided, well it’s negative so I don’t know Game You know, while having my period, blah blah blah blah Game Went to the Ukraine, was there for three months in the middle of nowhere. Really didn’t think about it, except that she started feeling, you know Game Bloated. Uhhmm. Oh God poor woman Game In pain and things like that Game Finally when she get back to France, then she was able to determine that she was indeed, pregnant. When I worked in Kansas, Kansas law required that the patient present a story that compelled you,