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she wont work for us anymore game I’ve left this job myself game give me my dues and I’ll leave game There is nothing due game dad please. Did he say something game when I mop the floor, he walks behind me with his dirty shoes, checking the room as if I’ll steal something game So so? What is so wrong in that game ? Three times a day I clean the toilet and he’s still not satisfied game and today he crossed the limits game he said I’ve stolen the toilet cleaner. You think I’ll do that? Then where did it go? One minute game dad Did I drink it up? “Nonsense” she’s talking nonsense. Look he didn’t mean that game No he’s suspecting me all the time game just pay my dues and I’ll leave I told you there’s no balance.fine Piku game inside that drawer I’ve kept eight hundred and fifty rupees. She didn’t turn up for three days game I’ve deducted that game See he’s deducted three days salary game Obviously game you didn’t turn up on Sunday and Monday and third day you went for a movie game Shhhh game dad please No madam I was unwell game .keep your salary. game don’t clean the toilets from tomorrow game I’ll do that game take couple of days off and think with a cool head. Day off? What are you doing Piku? Keep quiet Dad Na na I know this lady Dad shut up game Let it be game whichever house you get married in, I’ll work there game but here game but till the time he’s here game Till the time game ? what do you mean till the time? I’ll be here forever game and even go.from here game Ya even I am not interested in working here game Go! Goes on and on and on game no one is going to give you a job game one minute Am I thief? game if I’d to steal game l would’ve stolen diamonds, laptop. game that keeps lying over there game will I steal the toilet cleaner? game Is that all game ? I’ve not had a good motion since morning game and on top of that dealing with this lady. Happy? Huh game Happy. You should be happy. At least there won’t be any thief in this house game She was the main cause of his BP. You keep quiet. Why are