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Barbie Country Horse 2 Mummy, why are we going to stay with Auntie Katie? Ask no questions, and you’ll be told no lies. It’s because of Auntie Sapphire, isn’t it? No. And don’t call her “Auntie. ” She’s nothing to us, and she never was. Good night, my darling. Good night, Mummy. Good night, my love. Good night, Mummy. Straight off to sleep. No talking. Yes, Mummy. Good night. I’ve told you a dozen times if I’ve told you once game so why go on arguing about it? David came in at :. That’s what I told the police, and it’s the truth. It’s what you told the police, Ted, but is it the truth? Stop accusing David. Please, Mum. Milly, if we’re to help him, we’ve got to know the truth. Lies are never any good. Who says Davy’s telling lies? I don’t want any supper, Mum. I’m going out. Where are you going, Son? I’m going for a walk, Mum. Don’t be too late, will you? I don’t think you’ll find who you’re looking for here, Superintendent. We haven’t seen Sapphire for six, seven months. We’re merely trying to fill in her background, Mr. Young. As you wish. This way. Thank you. I’ll get some quiet. Quiet, everybody, please. Quiet, please, everybody. And just gather around me, will you? Won’t keep you a moment, but these gentlemen are police officers. They want to ask you a few questions about Sapphire Robbins. Sapphire Robbins? Was anyone here a particular friend of Sapphire’s? We all were, weren’t we? Once. What do you mean “once”? I mean she stopped coming here. Oh, why? They drift away, Superintendent, grow out of us. Sapphire didn’t drift away. She used to come here regularly. Then suddenly, she never came again. Why was that? Sapphire found she could pass for white. I was there the day it happened. Tell me. We had just finished coffee. I went to pay the bill. A white lady came in, took one look at my black mug and said game “Oh, I see they’ve let the jungle in. ” She said this to Sapphire, you see, like they were the same. Sapphire left before I got my change. When I went outside, she had gone. Silly little peasant. Did you ever dance with Sapphire?