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We can’t pass. We’ll wait till night in this house. Gentlemen, get back! At dawn we’ll go through the basements. Take him! What are you doing? The VIS is mine. I’m not armed. A long time ago over a hill and far away there was a town. In this town there lived a boy. He had a family, he had many friends. Clear! They played together. They danced, went for walks, they learned together. One day a bad king who wanted to rule the whole world invaded their country and said: “I forbid you everything! I forbid you to play, I forbid you to learn, You’re not allowed to do anything!” But he couldn’t forbid them to do one thing. To dream about the day when they will regain their freedom. Get packed. Get the boys. Now? What’s happening? So much for our help! They said they’d prepare dinghies, twenty people each. But only for the soldiers. You help me get there. Don’t be sad. It breaks my heart. Ladybird, run to the HQ, there must be some wounded there. I’ll stay with this man. Poles! The Russians and the Allies have deserted you. You have proven your valour! End this futile uprising and surrender. Following General von dem Bach’s order, nobody who surrenders will be harmed in any way. This applies both to your soldiers and civilians. We promise this to you. The German troops in Czerniakow from noon until will cease fire so that those not fighting and the wounded in hospitals have a chance to safely leave the town. It is up to you, members of the Home Army, whether you choose to cease fire to save your own Polish blood. If you put down your arms we guarantee you your life, work and bread. Citizens presenting white scarves, I repeat, white scarves, may leave the endangered areas and head for safety with German troops. Otherwise our troops will be forced to destroy you, which will lead to a large number of casualties. Have mercy on the city’s inhabitants. You have mercy, bastards! They’re sending envoys. But now?! Wonder what for? I solemnly swear I solemnly swear to you that I’ll kill anyone who mentions the word “surrender”.