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here I had already plotted this wiith Huo’s subordinate, Yin Po. Yin Po gave me the customs clearance document and the Commander’s Seal. As soon as my army settle in at the borders the entire Silk Road region belongs to Roman Empire. And all I have to give him is an insignificant title Prefecture Chief You throw a bone and you get a dog. What a fantastic deal. Spare the child He is no further threat to your ambitions Show mercy Let me tell you No one felt the pain more than I did. when I had to blind my own brother I beg of you Spare him He has committed no crime Of course he has committed a crime His crime His crime is that he took the place in your heart that belonged to me. You will never hurt my young master ever again. Falco will take you home. Don’t be afraid, It’s alright. With my brother dead There really is no more cause for conflict between you and I I will tell you a secret Lately When I look at my reflection I see you Right It does get boring when everything is so predictable. Huo An We fell for Yin Po trap Sorry Speak Captain Something happened before you returned this morning Our great General Tiberius has enacted a plan to unify the Silk Road I’ve already asked him to acquiesce He said no All of the thirty-six nations have acquiesced And you are the last. We need you to do one thing What did they want you to do? They want us to hand over Captain Huo What did you say? Huo An This was never our business to start off with Why should we get involved? Captain Huo We are not as heroic as you are How do you expect us to protect this place When we can’t even protect ourselves? The Romans are right We all have a families Now we can all just take the gold and go home Huo An, If you don’t go with them then we’ll die because of you. We’ve been slaves all our lives This time we should have the right to make our own decision. Go with them Huo An, Is it worth it. for these people? We should leave. They need me now more than ever I won’t leave You’re not going? Thanks for being so good to me If you like me you need