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Barbie Horse Game But a quiet fisherman came to the party with all the fish. Back home, we call them fish fries. And here we call them elections. I remember that fish fry. Your Lynn got a bone, mister. And my Johnny got Dr. Joe away from his wedding. To help him. Time is getting short. And our candidate’s face is getting long. So Games when you vote for the Progressive Party and Games Morris Slade for councilman next Tuesday Games remember you’re Games voting for some councilman. You have just heard Mr. Lynn Hollister. Good speech, huh? Pretty good but I still prefer Gene Autry. Good afternoon, Mr. Hollister. Nice work. But I couldn’t quite tell whether you’re for Slade or agin him. Maybe that was the idea. Better hurry up and get in here before someone thinks you’re a fugitive from a swing band. D’Amato will think I’m a fugitive from another dinner plate when I miss that banquet tonight. I got your phone call and uh Game Game Good afternoon. Game Good afternoon. Howdy. The skating party was awfully dull. Father’s kept you must too busy lately. And I missed you. I sort of missed you too. You and the police force. Game Dizzy? Game Nice dizzy. Round and round she goes. Where she stops nobody knows. Maybe I spoke out of turn. These things break down once in a while. Figure it will take long to fix it? I don’t know. Don Dylan got stuck in one back home once. Went up a boy and came down an old man. Say if a couple night owls flew by, we could have a game of bridge. At least we’re alone up here. Not quite. Only well be as soon as I give that star a Sunday punch for winking at you. It’s so quiet and peaceful up here. Makes you feel so away from things. I like it. Then you’d like Spring Valley. Because it’s always quiet and peaceful there. And friendly. Even the boats on the river in front of our house. Blanket each other sort of neighborly. They seem to shake hands as they pass. They shake their fists at each other in the city. I’d like Spring Valley. The fellows are so slow at fixing things it would take them a month to wind an eight day clock.