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mouse tuşu

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Barbie Horse town Now they want an opencasket ceremony. Opencasket? You told me I could roast him. Now, Abbott, calm down. There’s been a change of plans. We need him dressed and ready for an opencasket ceremony in a couple of hours. Snap to it. . I already sold the legs to UCBS Medical Center. SPEAKING HEBREW Chicken legs? Larry, if they were going to execute you for having a brain, they’d be hanging an innocent man! Chicken legs?! What are you, a ing alien? Where’s that foot? I wonder what happened to Valerie. She’s been gone an awful long time. I hope she’s okay. We’re supposed to go to that concert tonight. Thanks for reminding me. I still don’t have a date. Well, look who’s here. Valerie! What happened? Are you okay? Is your mom okay? My mom’s okay. Except for the bloodstain on her dress. What? She, uh… She… She sat on Mouse. ABBOTT Ha! Frisbee dog! The poor little guy. ABBOTT Valerie… He’s up there pissing on that big fire hydrant in the sky. SOBS ABBOTT GUFFAWING He looks, uh… uh… peaceful. At least he didn’t suffer. Well, that all depends on whether or not your momma got a big ass! Hey, hey, Dickson, wasn’t your specialty dogs at Animal World? Do you think you could, uh…? Yeah. But I need a place to do it. I I need I need equipment, supplies. Do you think somebody could sneak us into one of them mortuary workrooms? Sam, you can do that. Sure, babe. DICKSON Valerie. Can I borrow Mouse tonight? I promise not to hurt him. How you going to hurt the damn dog? He’s already dead. Sorry. I’m sorry. Come on. Max, just throw it. Throw it. Come on, throw it at Max. Max, just TRUSCOTT “It is therefore with appreciation “that I accept your kind invitation “to the Mortuary Science Symposium in the Virgin Islands. I am hoping accommodations may be available for my…” Uh… Come on, Max. “Fiancée.” Come on, Maxie. Oh, dear. I’ll give you the rest of this later, Helen. KNOCKING AT DOOR Shall I call the police? Heavens, no. I can handle the O’Rourke brothers. Let them in, Helen. KNOCKING AT DOOR Mick, Sean, how nice to see you.