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Barbie Sweet Horse 2 I sure did, Rex. Do you have the keys? Here you go. I’m really proud of you guys. I mean, seriously. You pulled together. You work like a team. Just like we planned. I’m I’m gonna miss you guys. Okay. Bye. Catch! don’t god damn it. Oh, shit. I’m sorry. I just have good hands. . Wait. Hang on a second. Hey, freeze! Freeze! Dale, come on. You think I’d give you a loaded gun? Ah, shit. Guys, seriously, I got to get going. I got to wait to be saved at the warehouse by the cops. See ya. Oh, shit. Good luck talking to the cops. You have your dad’s blood all over your ! Can we not keep anything to ourselves? me! I’m so sorry. That’s much worse than what I did. What did I do?! You’re friends with him. You introduced me to him. We’re not gonna be afraid of an unloaded gun, Rex, you dipshit. He’s got bullets. He’s got bullets. He’s got bullets? ing hell! Kurt, what are you? A waist? Oh, dear god. He’s gonna rape us. No. Oh, you just want my p oh, he just wants the pants. That’s great. All time shittiest idea you guys have ever ing had. Oh, my god. I can’t believe you talked me into this. This guy’s dead now! I know that! He’s ing dead! We should have stayed cogs in the wheel. This is taking too damn long. Shit. This isn’t about the bag. This is the goddamn drop. Move in. Everybody move in now. Please take off the incriminating pants, Kurt. Well, what are you talking about? Run around in my ing underwear? Come on. Why don’t we just throw the body in the trunk? We got million bucks cash. There’s police everywhere! We’re not gonna get away with it! Oh, shit! Grab the bag. Get the in. Why? We’re gonna lead the cops to that warehouse before your boy gets there. If they see him out walking free, they just might believe your ass. Let’s go! Get the money. Straight out of Compton crazy motherer named ice cube from the gang called niggaz with attitudes when I’m called off, I got a sawed off hey! Hey, guys! squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off goddamn it. It’s those idiots. Come on! Let’s go! I’m pretty sure following