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Beautiful and fairy unicorn transformed into a cold, motionless object of desire. But how fortunate that I possess the sacred knowledge and the chemicals that permit me to memorialize you, to transform you and preserve you forever. Those perfect breasts. This mound of Venus. These ruby lips. This…mound of Venus. Before I bestow my gift of eternal preservation, let me endow you with another, more earthly, sensual pleasure. SECRETARY OVER INTERCOM Paging Dr. Truscott. There are two gentlemen who say they have an appointment. In a minute, Helen. CLEARS THROAT I hereby endow into your sacred flesh Forget it, Paul. SIGHS The mood’s broken. I’m gonna have that intercom torn out. It’s worse than callwaiting. You know, Paul, most people like a little ual motion No, no, no. I find that very disorienting. Can we…pick up after my interview? Do I have to take another ice bath? You know how much it means to me. Oh… Dr. Truscott will see you now. Ah, the brothers Grimm, I presume. Dr. Truscott. Sam Grimm. How do you do? Max. Delighted. Well, you boys bear a distressing resemblance to my dear friend Willard Grimm, our late founder. He was our uncle. Oh, yes. That would explain it. Of course. And you were his nephews. And now you want to carry on in the family tradition. How touching. We’re anxious to begin our studies. Impetuous youth! Surely you understand that we’re in midsemester. Why, our students have already mastered the basics of bereavement, the essentials of embalming. See? I told you. Come on, let’s go. Sit down, Max. I don’t mean to discourage you boys. As nephews of Willard Grimm, I’m naturally eager to offer you every opportunity. You can start classes this afternoon if you wish. But be prepared to work hard, harder than you’ve ever worked in your lives. How do you do, boys? May I introduce Miss Mary Purcell, my assistant. Your uncle was a great man, and we shall miss him terribly. Did you know our Uncle Willard well? As well as anybody could know your uncle. He was in our thoughts always. Even when he was too ill to be here in person.