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hard, and it is no reflection on how fantastic you both are, but I have to make a decision. And I’m going to take game Rick with me. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Hmm. Well done. Thank you. Brilliant. You were great. Rick, congratulations. You remain on Team Paloma. How do you feel about the Knockouts? The battle was obviously awesome. It was just amazing. It was nice to get up here and do a bit of rock and roll. His hair smells lovely as well, just so you all know. Please, put your hands together one more time for Rick. APPLAUSE Well done, Rick. Great performance. Thank you. Yeah. Super that. Well done, hon. You’re a star. Thank you. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK, Bradley, your future now lies again with the coaches. Yeah. Are you going to? Erm game BUZZER SOUNDS REPEATEDLY You have to wait till the clock’s moving. I ain’t got time for all that. Bradley, you are now available for a steal. CHEERING EMMA LAUGHS Congratulations. George hit that button for you. Well, you were great. How happy are you? You were great. And you should have been on my team in the first place. LAUGHTER APPLAUSE Well done, Bradley. I’m so proud. Now you can win the whole thing. Thank you so much. Well done. Cheers, mate. You did it, bro. Well done. GEORGE AND PALOMA LAUGH CHEERING Bradley and Rick, it was one of those really well-balanced things, but they were both so different. Yeah! Well done, man. Well done. They’re both brilliant, but I’m all about the individual, and I feel like Rick really stood out to me as being a complete one-off. Whoo! Bring on the knockouts. Bradley, he just sang great. And I think he’s got huge likeability. I think people are going to love him. Anyway, Paloma’s loss is George’s gain. Yes! Yes. Well done. I can’t steal any more. That’s it. I’m kind of relieved. Yeah, you can relax now. OK, this is it. The final battle of the night comes from Team Boy George. CHEERING My last pairing is game Cody. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Cody has, like, an ocean of vulnerability. That was the big thing with Cody. Yeah! Cody was like