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Get a guinea pig or something? Anna? Barbara? Anna, who is it? May I come in for a minute? Games Yes. Of course. I’m really not sure. Tristan? What’s wrong with Tristan? Hold on. I know, Ringo. Games Vetoed. Yes, vetoed. Games Hey, thanks a lot. You have to back him up now. You’re the love ofhis life. Yes, but there are limits. Besides, I think it’s going to be a girl. Our family is all women, isn’t it? I slept with Mum every night to comfort her. Broken women need to support each other. Shhh, sweetheart. Hush. I could tell you so much more. About the death of our autistic gold fish, Marco. Or about Anna and Mathias who didn’t sellthe house after all. Or about my aual life. Eleven months later. It was Anna’s big night. It’s really beautiful, it’s fantastic! You can see you are your mother’s daughter, eh? Mum! She’s not your daughter. She’s more her father’s daughter. Games Yes, that’s true. Anna. I’m so pleased you’re here. May I introduce you to the mayor? Nice to meet you. What a beautiful work of art the city nowhas! Hey, have you seen Mum? Hey, Mum, I’d like to introduce you to some people. Dad! You’re brilliant! I knew you’d come. Everyone thought you’d gone to New York for good. No. And I had to be here for Anna. I wouldn’t miss this. Mum’s been so boring lately. Games Has she? She hasn’t crashed anything, hasn’t had a single boyfriend and, what’s more, she’s been behaving in a socially acceptable way. Is she in such a bad state? Games Come on. Anna, congratulations. Games Thanks. You did a really good job. Didn’t she? I got out ofthe taxi and sawit there and immediately thought Game But when you Game Games Dad. I’ll be right back. Judith. Nick! Do you mind? Games No, no, no. It’s great that you’re here. Are you staying long? Games No, no, not long. I have to head back soon. Do you want to settle in New York? Do you want to stay there? It won’t be long until Eva is all grown up. She thinks New York is fantastic too. Is it to do with love?