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to yourself for a bit of company, you know ? And then something strange happens. It’s as if even your own voice doesn’t belong there… in the silence. It’s unwelcome. Go on, Danny. Sighs Well, in the end, it’s the silence becomes your best friend. And in the quiet, a face will come to you, and, and you talk to that person without sayin’ anything, and Sighs Gee, I’m not makin’ any sense. Never make any in’ sense. What are you sayin’, Danny ? I’ve lived with your face in silence for years, Maggie. You know, it’s hard to talk to the real you. I’m not who I was. Try the elbow. Set down on the way. That’s it. Once more. That’s it. Snap on your jab. That’s it. One more. Come on. One-two ! And again. lke And again. He wants to join. He’s the boss. One-two. Ike ! Shadowbox. He wants to join. Use the rest of the ring, now. Come here. No way, missus. Who are you to talk, lke Weir ? Make him have a blood test. If he’s clear and he stays off the junk, he can join. Danny Keep your head movin’ now. That’s it. Duck and weave. Bob and weave. Well done. Chattering Keep on the move. That’s it. Come on. Hold on. Thumbs out. That’s it. Elbows in. Nice and tight. Good. Very good. Danny. Look at these. Headgear’s gone. You can’t spar with these. Look at that. Sean And he didn’t do it ? Chattering Harry Shh, shh, shh ! What does that mean, Bootsy ? What ? ”Nonsectarian.” Catholics and Protestants together. What about the Jews, Bootsy ? And the Arabs ? And the Muslims ? l suppose they can come too, if they want. Cheering, Shouting Liam, move in ! Come on ! Cheering, Shouting Continue Holy Family’s always been nonsectarian. Protestants and Catholics together. Write that down ! Bell Dings And the winner is… in the red corner: Doyle from the Holy Family Club, Belfast. I won ! You fought a great fight. Okay, Danny. Let’s go. Don’t forget. It’s your first fight in a long time. You’re gonna learn a lot. Cheering, Shouting Cheering, Shouting Continue lke Ladies and gentleman, can l have your attention, please ? Beautiful Doctor Rabit