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mouse tuşu

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Beautiful Farmer 4 I heard about your fancy name. You have such a fancy house. This house is amazing. Yeah. I think it’s so fun and funky and sexy in a weird way. I love it. Well, thank you, Carson. How are you doing? Good. Jude was amazing. He’s fucking funny. He’s really funny, yeah. And such a friendly person. Yeah. I found the little Tupperware things and he wanted to feed us a lot, but, he ate, you know Game He ate his food. Game percent of it. How long has he been sleeping for? He went down right at :, so Game Good. Okay. Great. Well, thank you for doing that. I really Game It was no problem. You know Game It was great to get to know him. I appreciate it. Okay. I’m gonna make some dinner for Game Do you want to have a drink with us? I could make you this delightful concoction. You should have a beer with us. No, it’s nice to hang out in here. We never really do as much as I Game So do it. Yeah, okay. Okay. I’ll have a beer with you guys. I think she’s so pretty. She’s so Game I’m gonna murder you. I think she’s so pretty. Yeah, she is. In that way where it’s like, “I didn’t have time to take a shower. “I didn’t have time to do anything. I’m just momming it up.” And she’s so pretty. Yeah, she’s great. Cheers! Cheers. Cheers. It’s nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you, too. Heard a lot about you. What’s your job? I’m Game I stay at home with Jude. I’m a stay-at-home mom, I guess. That’s so nice. But you’re Game She’s a novelist. She’s a writer. Are you? She’s Game She wrote, like Game She wrote this book that’s so beautiful that I read and I don’t understand exactly what it means, just ’cause I’m too stupid to get it, because it’s that Game Jenny. It’s so good. You know those books where you’re like, “This is so good,” but, I mean, you can’t Game Yeah. But it’s completely going Game And smart people are like Game That’s not how you’re supposed to feel. So are you writing another novel? Yeah. Yes. The plan is that I’m writing. I’m in the process of it. It’s taking a while, and I’m busy. Is it hard to find time to write?