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this is the opportunity to prove himself as a legitimate artist. I’m worried that the venue that’s taking a big risk on me feels like this is a failure. I’m worried that, you know, will they actually get it when they see it in the exhibition format? And really, what’s the public going to think? Thousands of miles away in Germany another artist, Jan Vormann, has taken LEGO arts to the streets. I really like to work with objects that everybody has a preconceived image of. The good thing with playful elements in the work is that people get attracted by it rather than repulsed. If I use a material which people like, they are more likely to start interacting with me. So now it has different aspects to it. On the one side, the sculpture installation, where it’s just there to be visually perceived. And on the other side, a performance kind of action. It looks like a lot of fun, but Jan’s work has serious undertones. Most of the times I tried to find locations which have a kind of historical background or political meaning. Today we are here in the very back of the Anhalter Bahnhof. This used to be the main train station for Berlin. This is also a place where a lot of Jews were deported before the war ended. The Holocaust is an event that’s omnipresent in my mind, so I think about it a lot. You don’t necessarily see it in my work, because I don’t want to add like, visually dark and heavy subjects. So my idea to use the plastic construction bricks was to add a kind of colorful part of contemporary times, a material that everybody worldwide has the same feeling on it. Some people call this type of art “EGO bombing,” but Jan prefers to call it “patchwork,” and he’s bringing the patchwork project around the world. JAN: For me, it’s a kind of hopeful thing to see that we actually share this common culture. Whoa game Okay. What happens when the thing you want to build isn’t the thing that you want to build but rather a representation of the thing that you want to build? Okay, I think I just confused myself. What if the thing you want