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From where I stand, I only see one. Mother er! I’m going to kill you with my bare hands. Well, from where I stand, I only see one. Rule number five, no hugging while riding. I’m sorry. OK, now we really need to find you a bike, and maybe a helmet. Rule number five game Six. Rule number six game Yes. Always carry a weapon. And seven, if you don’t have one, make one. Make one. Making a weapon game Ah. This is so pretty. This is my weapon. This is my gnome stick. I really like it a lot, thank you so much. Pew, poo, poo, poo in the eye, you’re not part of it. Argh! Yeah, that’s right. Boom! Pow! Gnome! Boom! Kabam! Pooh! Nah I told you, get back here! Don’t you ever rest? No. Can I ask you a question? Sure. What are you doing here? I’m practising my swing. I mean, how did you get here, this side of the wasteland? Well, my last best friend was a water hunter, so I tagged along. Then he died, and here we are. I’m sorry. Why, what’d you do? No, no. I mean, about your friend. Oh, no, don’t be, he’s dead. So, where do you come from? Pretty far, all the way from the other side of the wasteland. I always wondered what the other side looked like. It’s kind of grey and dusty. Well, I could show you. I can’t. Oh yeah, rule number two game Well, that’s too bad, that’s too bad because you’re “It”! Hah! What? You’re “It”, I tagged you! Now, you gotta tag me back, if you can! Hah! Oh, look at the bird game Where? You’re friggin’ fast. Wanna see something cool? I always want to see something cool. Come on. Whoa, that’s a T-Rex. Yeah, they were these, um, big creatures that used to walk the earth a long time ago. And they got killed off by this big explosion. It’s kind of like what happened to us, you know? Run! Run! Run! As you may know, the situation is critical. Our defence grid has been breached. We have reached maximum casualty level. This is it soldier. We have to hit these damn machines with everything we’ve got. You are our last hope. Turbo Rider. The fate of our future is in your hand. Where is she? I’m coming, Apple.