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of yourself hanging round the streets! Grr, the old mare! Don’t bother about her. Ballard’s Wharf. How many crooks’ names do you remember out of the “Trump”? Forget the “Trump”. What’s Ford going to do? I’ve got a big idea. Again? Give him a chance, Norman. Larry the Bull and Slimy Sam. Holy Noakes and Chopper Wilson that used to bump off blondes. Come on, Norman. Poplar Pete. He tried to chuck Selwyn Pike into a bath of acid. What is this idea? Benjamin Cutler, Eddie The Moose and Smoky Andrews. He tried to plug Smiley with a poisoned dart in “Death Comes At Midnight”. Smoky Andrews. Ford will have to believe us if we round up this lot. Us round ’em up? Us and a lot of others. Listen, the heads know the game’s up, see. But the other blokes don’t. They’ll be looking in their “Trump” next week. For their orders. That’s it. Listen, could you pinch Wilkinson’s story out of the post tomorrow? Same as Rhona used to? I suppose I can, but games You’ve got nothing to worry about. There’ll be another story along at your office. Are you going to write it? Me? No. No, I won’t do it. It’s asking too much. I won’t even consider it. Then I’ll have to let them crooks know you put us on to their code. Whimpers This is blackmail. That’s right. But if you write the story the way I’ve asked, no one would even know. Such base ingratitude. Larry the Bull, Slimy Sam, Chopper Do you want them all included? Yes, and don’t forget the password, “Seagull”. When do you want this done? First thing. I’ve never written a story of this length in under two days! You’ll have to bust your record. Remember what happened to Nicky the Nark. It’ll mean missing all my sleep. But all of it. Oh, how I loathe adventurous-minded boys. Guv’nor, what happened? Did he create? There was a bloke, came and rescued ’em. If you’d games Give us a chance. Do you mean last night? Yes. Inspector Ford. Was he wild when he found them gone? He was Joe, pretty wild. He’s going to be thanking us. I think we are on to the boss. You’re onto the boss of the gang? I reckon he got the others out