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Strange atmospheric conditions continue to cause major disturbances around the various positions of the earth. Many major cities have been affected by various atmospheric phenomena. Due to the record tides which flooded these large masses of the earth, many cities have been forced to evacuate their populations Game Rod, what’s happening on earth? Aren’t you supposed to be in there with your section? Game scientists have been unable to account for the atmospheric conditions now effecting Game coming in Commander. Kill that newscast please. Anybody find anything’? Not yet sir. This could mean only one thing. What could mean only one thing? The . It could mean anything or nothing. I have a feeling. We operate on facts, not feelings Lieutenant. In the meantime, how about getting this out to every relay outpost in the quadrant as soon as it comes in? We ready Joe? I’m presetting now. We’re nearly go. Go when ready. Here, honey, this is top priority. Okay The code key is coming through. It’s coming in now Lieutenant Sanchez. Okay, Joe. There’s nothing in this we don’t know from the newscasts. They might as well of sent it in the clear. They’re code crazy down there. Are you prepared to transmit? It’s all a go except Outpost Echo. I get only intermittent signals. Get a check on Outpost Echo circuits and keep trying. Right. Lieutenant, aren’t you prepared to transmit? Yes, Commander. I’ve decided to send this one in the clear if you don’t mind. In the clear? Transmit it in the clear! But this was a coded signal. You heard me. Prepare to transmit Joe. In the clear? Yes, in the clear. Oral to Visual, Oral to Visual. In the clear. Visual to Oral. Visual to Oral. In the clear. You know, a Commander is not supposed to show his edginess. Lieutenant, when I want personality advice, I’ll go to Psychometric. Yes, Rod. Commander if you don’t mind. Yes, Rod, uh, Commander. Lieutenant Sanchez, may I remind you, you’re not serving on some space lugger or a cruise jet, this is Gamma