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Beautiful Pony 3You ride a bus and they try to misbehave with you. Get on the metro and they brush against you. Is there any place that’s safe? They buy a ticket assuming that a woman’s dignity comes along with it! Eve teasing has become a hobby in this country. And you’re so proud of this country. I love my country! I hate this country. Devi game Let go. My father gave his life protecting this country from terrorists! Politicians made big promises. Everyone was ready to point the finger at our neighboring country. The news channels got what they wanted! TRP! Headlines! The darn media ran the story like game Everyone benefited from my father’s death, except us. What did we get? A pat on the back. Those delinquents game Nunu, that son of a gun. How dare he game Forget it, pal. Let’s go and teach him a lesson. Come! Devi, listen. Devi game Let’s show him who his maker is. Come on. No game Come on, let’s go. Let’s go game The shutter is up, he must be inside. Shut up, moron. Hail the Lord game Did he leave? Hail the Lord game Shut up. You two, stay put. I’m definitely going to teach this guy a lesson. Let’s go. Mr. Nunu game Gaurav, calm down. Come on, get in. Come. Come on, get in. What the heck are you doing here? I want that imbecile Nunu to know who is beating him up and why. Now, get back in there. Someone is coming. Hide! Move! Beat the daylights out of him! Wanted to touch me? You wanted to serve me something refreshing. Here you go! Devi, did you call Nunu and tell him that Dev and I were coming over to beat the heck out of him? Are you insane? Nunu! Then, who the heck is this? Dev! It’s me game What the heck are you doing here? I told you to sit in the car, right? What the heck are you guys doing here? Get out of here! Get going! Dev, turn off the lights. Okay. Not bad, dude. Hulk. Hey, what are you doing? If I don’t cut the tape, how is he going to eat? Like this! That’s a good idea. Hey, game y. Have some chips. Apologize to her and going forward, you’re going to go to her home and collect the stuff. Come on! Hey! Leave the girl behind.