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It’s on late at night. Sailing By. D’you like that tune? Yeah. Yeah, Molly loved it. It’s nice, isn’t it? So how’d the interview go? Oh, nothing’s working out with the school times at the minute. So I went to, erm, some of the agencies and put my name down on the waiting list, cos I could do cleaning in the morning. Went to some hotels. Went round all the cafes. Must have walked for bloody miles. Well, I can pick the kids up for you, you know. Till I start work again. Dan. The answer is “coconuts”. Correct. What’s he talking about, “coconuts”? Ah, shall we tell your mum? Go on. When I was bouncing my ball on the stairs. What stairs? The stairs in our house. Yeah. Dan asked me a question. What, what question did he ask ya? “What kills people more? “Coconuts or sharks?” Mmm-hmm. And I said coconuts. And you got it right? Is that right? Yeah, he’s right. Is that Molly? Yeah. Yeah, that’s Molly, yeah. Let’s see that, Dais. Show me that one. “Molly.” Like the name. What was she like? She was special. Yeah, she was special, Daisy. Not easy. She was up one minute, down the next. Smart and funny. Huh. Ah, that lass made me laugh. Kind. She had a big, big heart. But… She said her head was like the ocean. Dead still, then wild. Never knew where she’d end up next. I mean, the music helped that. But then she’d hit the rocks. “Where’ll we sail to tonight, Dan?” That was our little joke. Her last words to me were, “I wanna sail away, Dan, with the wind at me back. “That’s all I need, Dan.” Do you have any children? I’d have loved that, Daisy. No. Do you miss her? Dais. It’s okay. She was crazy. Hard work. But I loved her to bits. I’m lost without her, really. There you go, pet. Oh, thank you. That must have been hard for you, Dan. I mean, did you look after her right till the end? Well, you know, I thought it’d be a relief when she passed away. Cos it was difficult to go into work, you know, when she was ill. And after you’ve been looking after somebody for so long… It seems to take over your life, you know. Yeah, and you forget your own. Huh. Well she was lucky to have you. Daisy’s dad, I thought was something really special. He turned out not to be. Me mum tried to warn me about it, but I was , so I didn’t listen. And then I did the same thing with Dylan’s dad. You’re a young lass, you got your whole life ahead of you. And when you get back to those books, you’ll be flying. Yeah, I can’t look at ’em, Dan. They really upset me. You gotta keep a hold, you know. Mmm-hmm. You’re doing your kids proud. I mean, we all need the wind at our back every now and then. Don’t we? Mmm. Yeah. Well that’s not good enough, Mr Blake. And how do I know you’ve actually been in contact with all these employers? Well, I walked round the town. I gave out me CV by hand. Well, prove it. How? Well, did you get a receipt? Take a picture with your mobile? With this? I give you my word that’s what I did. That’s not good enough, Mr Blake. What about the Universal Job Match online? I went to the library, there’s my appointment card. Did my head in. And I tried my best.