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Beautiful Summer Farm 3 Yeah. But, uh, yeah, any questions you got, just check your pamphlet. Should break everything down. No, no, no. That’s game It’s confusing. He has given us so much, and we think that it’s time to give a little back. Project get Wells soon would like to challenge you to give in a way that reflects the faith that you claim. So, before you go to the donation tables, I want to ask you, will you give today for a better tomorrow? Praise God. Thank you all so much for coming out! We really appreciate it. Please be careful going home. Good night! I looked down, and there were two benjis sitting there. No way. So way. I think we hit the frickin’ jackpot. Hey, wake up, you lucky bastard. You are really gonna graduate. No, I am not. No, no! We got to help these kids! Saw that coming. It’s not enough. It’s not enough. I couldn’t agree more. Ken Hopkins, executive director, cross country. Good to meet you. I’ve got to tell you, I was out there listening, and, boys, I was impressed. I would like to game Bless you. Thank you. I would like to take you boys to dinner, and I would like to discuss your future plans. I have every intention of putting you on the national stage to make all the money you need for your charity. I really want this mission of yours to succeed. One dinner? cities, shows. We’ve been doing cross country for years, and we’ve seen thousands of people come to know Christ. Last year, the holy herald ranked us the secondmost impactful ministry in the country. So why, uh game Why us? I absolutely love what you guys are doing with project get Wells soon, and I love you guys. You’re just game Cool christians. I am so sorry that that took so long. Hi, everyone. Sit, please. Gentlemen, this is Callie Edwards, the best tour coordinator we ever had. Hey, Joe’s not gonna budge. He said we could only afford one. That’s what I thought would happen. Fellas, here’s the deal. We can only afford to offer you one signing bonus, but it is $,, and we can cover all of your food and lodging expenses while you’re on tour. On tour?