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to you for what he did as Ben. He did. That was actually the first thing he said to me. He couldn’t be held responsible. He was like, “I’m sorry but I really felt like “it was important for the movie.” And I was like, “I totally get it.” I mean, I really feel very close to all of these people. And you just game It’s so rare in life that you get so lucky to make a project with a bunch of people you genuinely like, you genuinely care about, who are genuinely invested in what you’re working on together. And that feeling of a collaboration that goes all the way down, that’s really made for the right reasons, it’s just very special. Yeah, it really was. We got incredibly lucky. And I think we all kind of knew it, like, midway through. That was nice too. That it’s not something we realize later, that everyone was like, “This is working out strangely well.” Yeah. And people liked each other. And not only did they all like each other and hang out with each other so much but they also fell into their character dynamics. You know, like, they weren’tjust ha a good time, but it was almost like a gift they were gi us, that they were going to create this world. And a lot game ‘Cause a lot of them actually game Nat didn’t game I mean, they didn’t go to college. They’re acting at this point instead, and kind of created a bit of this end-of-high-school experience for themselves. Yeah. I mean, I think the prom day game The prom scene at the end of the movie really is game It was prom for them in a lot of ways. Like, it was the prom that they either never had or the prom that was better than their actual prom because it was game It had better lighting. Yeah, really well-lit. They had a game A good stylist. Professional costume designer. Exactly. But it was a great way to kind of celebrate their kind of like crazy, almost union that happened to make this movie possible. Cara was very upset that she didn’t get to go to prom. Yeah, she really wanted to go. She almost made us change the film. She was like, “Margo goes back, she would go back with him.