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But Games But I don’t know if she’ll take the role. Who is it? Was Mr. Gu talking about me? I’ve come to see you, morn. I’ve been abroad the last few years. I studied filmmaking. I’m about to start on a new film. I hope you’ll be there. Young Master Games (Mao Jun Games you were so gentle and kind. Yet you gave birth to such a stubborn child. Morn, I promise, you will be repaid for your hardships. Didn’t you once say that no one was kinder to you than me? Have I ever said that? Go on. Fly away. But don’t scream in pain when you fall. When my film opens, I’ll send you a ticket. Move those flowers forward. Hurry! Got it. Li, slow down the tracking shot. Slower? That’s right. Wait until Si Fan speaks. Sure thing. Si Fan Games so beautiful even with such light makeup. You know how to please a lady, Liu Kang. Picking you as the male lead was a great choice. Si Fan. Complimenting each other like this is pointless. You know, I only agreed to be in this film because the script has intimate scenes for us. In that case, please go easy on me, Liu Kang. The makeup is ready, maestro. Would you like to check? Sure. The director is here. Are you two rehearsing? Maestro. Du Juan looks lovely. How are you feeling, maestro? With the two of you here, I feel very confident. It’s time for the blessing, sir. Come place incense at the entrance. People still do blessing for movie shoots? I’ll be right back. I’ll go with you, maestro. Would you like to join, Liu Kang? No, thanks. I’ll get into character. This way. Come. Light the firecrackers. Ward away the bad spirits for good luck! Why did it stop halfway? Mr. Huang said that this theater is haunted. We’re making a film in a new era. Let’s not get bogged down by archaic traditions. Right? Let’s start! Sir. This theater’s history is exactly why we should follow all the rituals. We don’t want to provoke the spirits. I may be making a film about ghosts, but I don’t believe in that nonsense. Let’s get to work! I’m scared, Kang! Of what? It’s just an urban legend. I’m right here. Where are we going?