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Dave, Dave, listen. Now’s not the time. Look, you’re not the only one hurt here. Dave, let’s finish lunch. Come on. I’ve known your father a long time. Leave me the hell alone so I can do my damn job. Go. Come on. Sorry. Have you seen him? Twice. Once with you. The other time, he was alone. And what time was this? Not sure, maybe : or :. That’s when the lighthouse fell. Was he with anyone? Sat at the table next to the chief. Thank you. Yeah. Of course. The chief runs into Max, he gets upset, and the lighthouse goes down. He got upset when you were on the boat, and it cracked. He was upset at the hotel when that cracked, at the Carpenter’s Knot. I found a chasm in the ground near where he goes hunting. And he was afraid when he ran into Hansen that he would- that he would tell you that he was your father. And when you found out, Hansen was swallowed up by a crack, and then he died. It’s the chief. It was always the chief. Check his calendar. Hey, Nathan, we need to talk about what’s gonna happen when we find him. No, we need to find him first. Yeah, we need to find him, yes, but he is your father. That’s debatable. No, listen, I know you’re angry. I know that you hate him, and maybe you don’t even share the same DNA, but, Nathan, listen to me, he is your father. He is a troubled person, and I don’t think that he killed anyone. You can’t be sure about that. He’s been lying to me since I was a kid. You’re right, but you didn’t leave Haven. You could have. You could have been a cop anywhere else, but you-you chose to stay. So what? So you could work it out with your father. But you guys are both so stubborn, you haven’t sorted it out yet, but when we find your father- The chief, you mean? No, your father. When we find him, we’re gonna ask him what the hell has been going on, all right? Do you understand me? You know what? Actually, I don’t- I don’t even care. You guys are just so- you’re so messed up. Where-where would he go? All right, you know him better than anyone else. Where is he? This isn’t right. Do you want to just tell me where we’re going?