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what the shot should look like, for where, from the perspective. This kid was great, by the way. The kid who played Gus, the security guard. That’s just great. Yeah. And this is also one of my favorite Nat lines. ( CHUCKLES) Yeah. That’s from the book as well, not to brag. I was talking about the delivery and game Okay, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you know, the line itself, John , what a great line that was. So here we are the top of SunTrust Tower, a real place in Orlando, but it was created on a set in Charlotte. But you’re looking out of the SunTrust Tower because screens, the magic of screens. Yes. And we went to the actual game It’s the building right next to the SunTrust building. But that is in fact the view you would see looking out of the SunTrust building in Orlando, outside that window. Yeah. This is a very special shot to me because like Jake said, I grew up in Orlando and I know that game I know what it looks like from the top of the SunTrust Tower. I’ve looked down on the city many, many times. And the way that Q and Margo talk about the paper town, a lot of the stuff that happens at SeaWorld in the book happens right here in the movie. And I don’t know, this was one of those moments where I just felt like I was taken back in time to when I was in high school and some of my real-life experiences and game Did you have, like, a nighttime break-in to the SunTrust building? Did that happen? I mean I wouldn’t call in a break-in. I would call it more an access. I did have nighttime access occasionally to the SunTrust Tower, yes. Was there a beautiful, but awkward dance in the SunTrust Tower? There was not a beautiful, but awkward dance to a muzak version of Lady In Red. We should all be so lucky. ( LAUGHING) In the book it’s Stars Fell on Alabama, but Jake felt that it should be Lady In Red in the movie, and I think that was a very good decision. As an unpopular child of who listened only to KOAT Lite Rock Less Talk radio growing up in the Bay Area, and was a huge fan of the song Lady In Red, yes, I did feel like that.