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Where would we be without the FBI protecting them? Chaos. There is way too much competition. And jacking our contest is like theft, huh? No, no. It is theft. Back to business. Tough question here. Now, what about the money? The shortfall. It’s a problem, no doubt. Well, I’m about to make all things beautiful again. I have an idea. Yes, Mr. bone, my genius is back! We have stalled out. More selfies means mo’ money, right? Correct. Now, the congressman came into the store yesterday with that Russian babe. She was with him? Irina? So? So… nothing, I suppose. Anyway, he bought a lottery ticket, and he said that… Hey, are you listening to me? Focus. Where was I? Oh, here we go. He said that he only buys tickets when the prize money is really big. Okay. But she was with him, though? Did it seem like she liked him? Yes, yes. Oh, my god. Will you just listen to me? If we raise the cash prize, we’ll get more selfies. Bigger lottery prizes attract more ticket buyers. Bigger prize money attracts more selfies. Ergo, mas dinero for us. It’s a vicious cycle. I like it. I like it a lot. How much bigger? $,. Don’t have it. We didn’t have the ,. I like it. I like it a lot. But did it seem like she liked him a lot? Afternoon, Mr. Moorhead. He’s in the bedroom, probably fiddling. Will the fiddling ever end? Get over here. What’s up? Look at this. Whoa. A pure babe. So… Sophisticated. And just the right amount of naughty. She is the perfect combination of naughty and sophistication. She is definitely a very, very strong contender. Yo, check the shopping cart. See how much today. Oh, okay. Even more? Wait. $, banked? I’m scared. I am, too. Why are you scared? Because we haven’t met with the FBI yet and our monopoly is in significant jeopardy. That’s exactly why I’m scared. Afternoon. How can I help you? We recently met with congressman Daniel t. Moorhead and he recommended that we speak to an agent here. A very important financial matter… Monopolies, specifically. Oh, well, we only deal with federal, so… This is a federal matter of unique and urgent concern.