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We’ll do things at our own pace. I’m goin’, Ike, and that’s it. If you go, you’re goin’ on your own. I’m not runnin’ from anybody. You can use the flat while I’m gone, all right ? Man Come on, Danny boy. Move out of the corner. That’s it. Come on, Danny boy. Get your feet workin’. Get your feet workin’. Stand in the middle of the ring. Bell Dings Ten seconds left in the round. Huffing Where’s lke ? He’s over there. Right there. Can I talk to you ? It was me who burned the gym. Why ? I thought Danny was gonna run away with my mother. I’m sorry. Are you gonna build the gym again ? Aye, of course, I will. Sure, I will. When ? When Danny gets back. See ya later. Chattering Champagne toast. Come on. Let’s get the bubbly out. Quick as you can, please. Serve the top table first. Ladies and gentlemen, may l ask you all to please stand and pray silence… for your chairman who will propose the toast ? Your chairman. The toast is the queen. The queen. Crowd Applauding One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ! He’s out ! Giggles Coins Jingling Man And the third bout this evening, ladies and gentlemen, features from Nigeria Crowd Murmuring Come on, Danny. Glasses Clinking Come on, lrish ! Man Quiet, please. Clinking Continues, Stops Bell Dings Applause Gentlemen, can I ask you to confine your appreciation to clapping ? Bang. Jab him then. Bing, bing. Keep movin’. Stay on your toes. Bell Dings He’s doin’ well here. Danny’s ahead. Man On TV We’re seeing excellent movement from Flynn. Watch your heads. Watch it. Grunts Come on. Break it up. Break ! Break ! Move back ! He’s runnin’ around too much. He can’t keep that up. Get off the ropes, Danny ! Off the ropes ! Jesus Christ. Come on, Akim ! Come on ! Come on ! Whoa ! Bell Dings You’re okay. Applause Phil, get the cut. Danny, you’re cut. Speaking Native Language Rapidly Man On TV This is it. Here comes the clash of heads. The lrishman’s too far behind on points. He’s got to knock Akim out to win this bout. Crowd Murmuring Best Beautiful Summer Farm 3, Best Beautiful Summer Farm 3 Games, Play Best Beautiful Summer Farm 3 Games