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Just a minute! It seems like the award committee has added a Miss Photogenic Award. Miss Photegenic? That’s right. Did someone pick that up from the west? The Miss Photogenic Award goes to Games Meng Si Fan! Mr. Tang, please present the awards to our Film Queens! Ms. Pan, care to share your feelings? Of course, I’m honored to be chosen as the Film Queen. You had to share the spotlight with Meng Sifan. Aren’t you bothered? Of course not! She deserves the exposure. Ms. Meng, I wonder what genres are you willing to do? If given the opportunity, any film genre is a possibility Here comes Meng Si Fan! Hurry, over there! Mr. Tang, Was Meng’s award decided early on? Hello, Ms. Pan. I’ve just returned from France. I’ve written a script. I hope that you’ll give it Games I’m not in the mood! It was not decided from the start. Thanks a lot. It was a fair and transparent process. You should be talking to Ms. Meng. A few words, Ms. Meng. Watch out. Change is inevitable. You’re on it! I know that audiences like new faces, but a newcomer like me Games Excuse me. Games still have a lot to learn from my seniors. Who’s this guy? Thank you. Sorry. My script Games Thank you, Ms. Meng! Would you work with a first-time director, Ms Meng? Ms. Meng! Are you working on a new film? MS. Meng! The corpse is cm tall. The body is in ash-like gray. Possible burn victim. Veins are cracked. Traces of burns on his hair. I’d say he looks shocked. He must’ve gotten quite a scare. Hey, cutie, Is he really a burn victim? Please call me Dr. Fei. Phyllis will do, too. Then you can call me Mr. Ma. Large blocks of hematoma on his head. So he was beaten, then burned. No, they were caused by the heat. We call it a heat gelatinized subdural hematoma. It’s normal in burn victims. Where did the fire come from? When we found the body, there was no evidence that he was burned. That’s strange. The fire was from internal combustion Impossible. This is way too weird. Forget it, Dr. Fei. That theater is haunted. This was the work of ghosts! If there is such a thing, then