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One step out of two is more accentuated. Wait a little bit, Thierry, I will announce the figures. ,,,. ,, women pass. Men pass. On site. Once again. Women pass, men pass. And on-site. Now we turn with both hands down. Go ahead. Once again. And on-site. ,,,. Once again, in both directions. Two times in a row. This is it. This time, we will do figures in a row. Go ahead. First Games Second Games This is it! Perfect, the rhythm is good. Continue. OK. That’s it, evenly distributed. And now you pass. Well, good. Perfect. Well it’s done! I would like to see the elasticity. We will do both. So, I am doing the woman, to feel how it goes. OK. Raise your head. Now, relax your arms. That’s it. Let your arms unfold. OK. Good. Go a little away from me, because we will make a figure. Go ahead. That’s it. You can pass below. Good! Again. Come with me. Pass behind. Great! Now, together. You’re a little bit off rhythm. Wait, the music will tell us when to start. Did you think about financing his studies? The good news is that they said that housing was fully taken care of. Housing? Why? It won’t be in the area? No, it’s about km from here. OK. So, housing is % taken care of. On the other hand, Matthieu needs a life assistant. And this is only partially taken care of. and the rest, it’s Games It’s us. It’s you. And how much would it cost? It’s about euros. euros? Yes. All right. So euros that you will have to spend each month, very soon Games We want him to continue school. I totally understand. He struggles Games It is your priority. I understand. Yes, this is my priority. It’s normal. Well actually, I have found, Since your income decreased, that you tend to use your savings to make payments on your deposits account to avoid being in the red at the end of the month. This is the case. Did you have unforeseen expenses recently? No, we are careful. You are careful? Yes. Did you consider, maybe, selling the apartment? To finish paying for the loan and retrieve some money in order to constitute a capital, just in case? Yes,