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Could be. It is not! Could be. It is not! What do you think? It’s too good an opportunity to ignore. I think we have no choice. We must stop the orcs from opening the portal. But we will need help. And if he’s lying? Orcs do not lie. What if he is? There is no honor in it. And where is the honor in him betraying his own people? Durotan is protecting his clan. His enemy is the Fel. Gul’Dan is the betrayer. This orc, Durotan Games How do you know him? GARONA: He freed me. And he is loved by his clan. He is a strong chieftain. LADY TARIA: Strong chiefs must earn their clan’s trust. If we are to expect you to join us, we must earn yours. To defend yourself. With this? Yes. KING LLANE: Find the Guardian. What is this? Guardian? The gate. We saw it, in the Morass. I’ve been putting together all the clues I can about it. MEDIVH: This. This drawing. Where did you copy it from? Guardian. And this. And this. And this? I’ve been researching ever since I felt the presence of the Fel. I am the Guardian! Me. Not you. Not yet. I just thought you might appreciate some help. Don’t presume you can help me. You have no idea the forces I contend with. If you want to help, protect the king. You leave the Fel to me. Interesting choice. Guardian. STORMWIND GUARD: Pack up and move to the west gate! INDISTINCT CHATTER You there! Rise from your stall and get moving. Now! I need your help. I found a book. Of course you did. There was an illustration that showed a gate like the one we saw being built. Sorry. Sorry. Khadgar. So then I tried to show the Guardian, but he became furious. Burned all my research. He would’ve burned this, too, if it hadn’t been hidden in my robe. No, turn the page. Here. Look. See? What do you think the image means? The orcs were summoned. From this side of the gate. They were invited in. And the Guardian burned your research? He’s probably just trying to protect you. Now go away. A good spot for an ambush. Our sentries are well placed. I will check again. WIND HOWLING SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH I am King Llane.