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Yeah. Okay. I was gonna say, what if we take the pressure off of not having to write a fight song, and just do like, whatever. Okay. Whatever comes to mind. Let’s start with just like two chords. Okay. Just playing two chords back and forth. Okay, okay. And then you can kind of Oh wow, you’ve really done it. Figure out the melody. Yeah. Okay? Okay, all right. You sure? I like that. Kind of like some doo-wop action. Okay, doo-woppy- d Do-do do do d Do-do do-do do do d Do do do-do I like that rhythm. d Do-do do-do do do d Night’s creepin’ in d I’m feelin’ low d Do-do do do d Do-do do-do Okay. d No money, no friends d Got nowhere to go So, we’ve done two bars. Yeah, we’re in deep. d A rumble in my belly d My throat is parched Parched. Okay, okay, I’m gonna get it. Yeah, I got one. d I’m searchin’ for the light d In the endless dark I think we have to change it. Is it feeling repetitive? A little bit. Okay. We’re only two songs into it, but it’s repetitive. Let’s do it. Let’s do like a So, I would go to this. Ah, I found it. d Do-do do d Do-do do-do do All right? d Do-do do d Crashes d Of green and red Oh. Fl An inch d That’s where I can rest my head d You’re my sunrise slice d To welcome the dawn Oh yeah. d You’re my sunrise slice d To welcome the dawn d My papa d My Papa John d My papa d My Papa John Bring it home. d My papa d My Papa John Wow. Whoa. That was really nice. Oh my god, that was so cool. I feel like it was almost like, almost like a Simon and Garfunkel? Almost like a solo Simon, too, I was feeling. Yeah, totally. Like “The Rhythm of the Saints”, like. Uh-huh. And this is working great for me. I am so shocked that the guy from Blues Traveler never did this. How fun is this? This is so fun. Okay, let’s make a list of our top fights of all-time. Of all-time? Why, does that, that’s not good? TOP ? “TOP ? That’s only two more. I don’t know. I don’t know. Let’s start with, we’ll start with . Top fights, all-time. Okay. Dishes is big, obviously. That is big. That’s a big one. You seem to have a general, a problem with my grooming.