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I wanna stand by your side. But what you do to the city, you do to me. Mom Radio [SHAKI Y] Tobias Radio I won’t know who you are. Don’t do it. P ease. Go. [GROANS] FOUR: No! That’s why you pick a guy ike me for a job ike this. [EVE YN GROANING] I hope you’re watching, David! d Ba! d Christina, have you figur out the door yet? Once it’s ock from the inside, the door won’t open. We , keep trying. [CHUCK ES] [RAPID BEEPING] COMPUTER: Begin serum re ease. [A COUGHING] SO DIER: Don’t breathe it in! Don’t breathe in the gas! Ca eb, we’re running out of options here! CA EB: Ho d on. [STAMMERING] I think I found something. There’s a choke point where the vapor gets pump out. Cut their com ine to the ship. Ca eb? Ca eb! Tris? Tris, can you hear me? Ca eb! I’m going in. [BEEPS] [SIGHS] What? Huh? Oh, ! What the Radio [BUZZING] TRIS: Make it stop! It’s ocked! TRIS: Open the door! FOUR: Open the door! Peter, open the door! [COUGHS] [COMPUTER TRI ING] I wi find you, Peter. [BREATHING HEAVI Y] Tobias. You’re okay. Oh, ! Can you stop it? No. [A COUGHING] Ca eb, do you hear me? Ca eb, where are you? SO DIER: Ca eb Prior! Sorry. [A COUGHING] Tris, ook at this, it’s rea y smart. So they ran the piping through the air ducts. Ca eb, focus. Just te me where it is. It’s right here. There’s an iso ation va ve that contro s the f ow of the air. But I don’t know how you’re gonna get down there. I do. Four! Go. CA EB: Tris, it’s at the end of the ha. C ose the door. Tris? I contro everything. I can even sea the room you’re in right now. Just stop fighting. CA EB: There’s another way. Down the stairs. DAVID: This is foo ish. Just stop. I made you. You might as we be my chi d, which is what you’re acting ike. A spoi chi d. CA EB: Tris, at the end of the ha , there’s another way up the adder. DAVID: It’s over, Tris. DRONE: Searching target. Searching target. Searching target. Target identified. There you are. TRIS: You’re right, David. It is over. [GRUNTING] No! COMPUTER: Serum re ease ha ted. How’s that for Damaged? [EVE YN SIGHS] COMPUTER: