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Okay, I will. Your mommy eats cat poop! No, Scooby-Doo, your mom eats cat poop! Bring it. You want a piece of the Shagster? Feel the pain, Scoob. Okay. Come on! Two shots! Two shots! Me and you, me and you again. I’ll give you some right now, buddy. Scoob! I gotta save him. You stay here, I’ll be right back. No, Shaggy. I mean, it’s too dangerous. I’ve got to. He’s, like, my best pal. Friends don’t quit. Scoob? Scooby-Doo game where are you? Scoob? Shaggy. Shaggy. Shaggy! Velma. I’ll save you. Thanks, Shaggy. Boy, am I glad to see you. Let me go so I can return to my body. Get out of here game before they steal your protoplasm too. I always knew you were a hero, Shaggy. Jinkies! Hey, buddy. Shaggy! Someone must have spiked my root beer last night. Talk me down, man. Fred, you’re a frigging protoplasmic head. I know. But I’m still the best-Iooking protoplasmic head here. How do you drive this? The Darkopalypse’s upon us. Get what you need for the ceremony. On your right. Your left. I’m coming, good-Iooking! Thank you, you’ve saved me. Sorry, I’m looking for my friends. But game Put me back, Shaggy. I’ll figure a way out myself. Like, how? I don’t know. I’ll use my tongue as an oar and swim to the edge. Sorry. Yo, yo, you, yo. What the game ? You could use a little sunlight. That’s one part of the mystery solved. The creatures need our bodies to survive in sunlight. Like a human suit. SPF ,,. But what are they doing here in the first place? Daphne, you okay? Yeah. But I’m not Daphne! Fred? I couldn’t get to my body. I didn’t know where else to go. It’s not easy to steer when you’re pure spirit. I can look at myself naked. Oh, brother. Get your hands off me. Daphne? He planned this somehow, didn’t he? Hey, good-Iooking. Fred, you egocentric game Please tell me you guys are you. Fred keeps touching me. Makes you nostalgic for the homicidal creatures. I stole this. I hope it helps. The Daemon Ritus. I’m me again. Yippee for you. Man, like, why am I wearing a dress? Everyone remain calm. Velma, what the heck’s going on?Best Cute Happy Farm 3