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The good old days! Me! Me and hairnet! No, no, no. Got to throw him back! He’s too little! That’s the one! Yeah, right on! I think we should have a good.. something.. we could really lay on something good. All right! The Prez! Yeah. The Prez! The Prez.. that’ll be good! Yeah, when the Prez comes back. Yeah, you’re gonna get it! The Prez gonna come for you. That’s when you and the Prez are gonna.. shw-shw.. duel! Right on! Hey Prez! Hey Prez, get over here! Hey Prez, have we got news for you! Have we got work for you.. We gotta guy here for you to duel. Your fight, man Radios What’s it gonna be?.. Wrestlin’?? Hey, how about knives? ha ha ha! Yo baby. No! Come on man, your choice. What’s it gonna’ be? Huh? What’s it gonna be, man? Come on, man. Come on, baby, What’s it gonna be? Huh? What’s it gonna be? It’s your choice, baby! ing! Shut up! Well? Bet Sambo’s so scared he can’t even get it on. After the Prez does you in, then we’ll do you in! Ball him in the bad health, Prez. Do it to him, Prez. .. get it on! Get it, Prez. Get it! Ooooooh! Sweetback! Ooh-ooah! Oooooah, Sweetback! Yeah, Sweetback! Ooah! Oaaah, Sweetback! hehe-he. Shit. You’ll be cool here. We’ll fix you up with help in the morning. Nobody’ll bother you here Radios Have a good time Radios Come on, let’s get the out of here.. Come on Radios hahaha yeah. No danger here. Did they get ’em on the phone? Yeah.. How long will it take? Big Sadie, the Prez, heard her guys planning this cross Radios so she called us. Look here, I can only take one of you Radios I won’t get ten feet with three people on this bike Radios Now, they told me to pick up Sweetback Radios You Sweetback, ain’t you? Take him. You know what you’re doin’, man? He’s our future, Br’er. Take him. Take these straps here. Sweetback Radios Come on feet! Cruise for me! Trouble ain’t no place to be! Come on feet! Do your thing! Come on feet! Do your thing! You all know Whitey’s game! Come on legs! Come on, run! Come on legs! Come on, run! Guilty’s what he say you done! Come on knees! Don’t be mean!