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MATT: In the film, there’s this cop, who all he ever wanted to do was be a cop, this little LEGO guy named Tony. And he used to be a skateboarder, so he can chase criminals down on his skateboard. And then this guy Duman, this great classic super villain, comes into town and just starts burning everything down. Right now, you’re afraid game of melting. In a few seconds, you’ll feel the burn in your little, plastic eyeballs. Was that the direction you want to go? Yeah. I’m digging that. Wow. When I was originally working on the film, I wasn’t planning to raise any money. But then Matt looked at the script. I was like, how are you going to do this? Do you have enough bricks? This is way bigger than anything you’ve done that I’ve seen. And he said, “Uh, well, we’ll have to fill in the city probably with some CGI, maybe get a little bit more bricks.” And I was like, “No. You have to build a city. This has to be the greatest LEGO movie ever made, Jonathan.” And so I said, “Okay, we have to do a Kickstarter.” Hi, I’m Jonathan Vaughan, and I’m directing Melting Point, which is a stop-motion animated film made with LEGO bricks. I’m Robert Fleet. I’m playing Duman. I get to melt things a lot. It’s really fun. Action. So, guys, here’s what I was thinking up for the establishing shot. We’re going to need to build basically everything you see here, so pretty much the entire city. We’re going to have to use CGI then? I will not use CGI, okay? I want this to be the best brick film ever made. LEGO started as a toy, but now it’s definitely game It’s a way people are expressing themselves in this weird hobby, so it’s definitely also a tool and a means to an end, a means to tell stories and express yourself in a gigantic variety of ways. All around the world people are pushing the limits of what they can do with the LEGO system, and what it’s capable of as a building material. MAN: Now I can officially say, that with the height of feet, and three-quarters inches, you are now members of the Guinness World Records family. I’d like to