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I didn’t want to come here. I swear, Guardian! I urged them to find you. I told them. You should be the one to explain. Explain what? Fel! SCREAMS, GROANS In Azeroth? In the barracks. One the bodies. LOTHAR: Guardian, what is the Fel? A magic unlike any other. It feeds on life itself. It pollutes the user, twisting everything it touches. It promises great power, but it exacts a terrible price. There is no place for the Fel in Azeroth. You’ve done the right thing. We’ll go. Hey! Go home, you. Step in. Medivh. Your Grace. It has been too long. Come. Help us get to the root of these troubles of ours. What kind of beasts? They’re saying giants. Armed giants, wolves to carry them. Huge unstoppable monsters. What of the other kingdoms? Are they suffering the same? KING LLANE: All seek our protection, yet none trust us enough to tell us anything. LOTHAR: We know nothing about these so-called monsters. We need prisoners. Even a corpse would tell us something. I don’t know what danger we’re in, Medivh. I exist to protect this realm, my lord. It is my very purpose. I am the Guardian. At least for the time being, anyhow. Yes. What are we gonna do about Games What is his name? Khadgar, sire. CLANGING He’ll be coming with us. Well, then. We better get going. FOOTMAN: Halt. HORSE NEIGHS FLIES BUZZING It can’t be. Guardian? SCREAMS LOTHAR: Close ranks! KAROS: Watch your back! ORC SCREAMING LOTHAR: Watch your flank! To your left! Watch your flanks! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE LOTHAR: IN ENGLISH Watch your flank! To your left! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Guardian! LAUGHS SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Die, you beast! SCREAMS Don’t try and take them on with brute force. They’re stronger. Be smarter. SCREAMS The Fel. SOLDIER : They’re all dying! KAROS: Only the green ones. Kill that big bastard. Durotan. Move. HOWLING KHADGAR: Guardian. Guardian, what did you do? I was right, wasn’t I? It’s here! Where are you going? Get these men safely back to Stormwind. I have to return to Karazhan. You did well today. HORSE NEIGHS Where’s the Guardian?