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Uh, she’s through there, I think. I’ll see youse later. You did a great job, you. The prisoners would be proud of ya. Oh, thanks for comin’, Da. What’s wrong ? Nothin’. Are you upset ? Oh, I was just thinking about things, you know ? Bell Tolling Helicopter Whirring Whirring Continues Let me down easy ♪ Putting my heart on the edge Continues Can I have a word with you outside, please ? Boy What’s the problem ? There is no problem. Let’s go. What’s happenin’ ? I was only dancin’ with him. You’re a prisoner’s wife, for God’s sake ! Oh, Jesus ! He was only dancin’ with the girl. Yeah, yeah It’s all right. Relax. He didn’t know she was a prisoner’s wife. It’s all right. That’s all right. Her husband’s stayin’ five years in prison. If you go near his wife again, understand, I’ll shoot both your kneecaps off. Sorry. It’s all right. It’s all right. Don’t be worryin’, Agnes. The trouble’s sorted out. What’s goin’ on ? Nothin’, Ma. Siren Wailing We can’t get no ♪ Bad reaction, but we try ♪ And we try, and we try and we try Quiet Chattering I wanted to tell ya how proud we all are of ya. How you stood by your man. I know that when I was inside, it was easy to do my time… because I had a strong woman behind me. My wife Eileen, God rest her soul, stood by me and remained faithful to the cause. And now my daughter, with her brave son, Liam, keeps her house together until her husband, Thomas, returns. On one day, and that day may be sooner than you think He’s gonna sell us out. all the prisoners will come home. Cheering, Applause And, and the Brits will be gone, and we will have peace in Ireland. And you you women who stood by your men… will be remembered as the bravest of the district. So I want youse to lift your glasses… to our prisoners’ wives. The wives. All The wives. Come on in now, lads. Come on. Twopence. Coughing, Chattering Hey, boy. Hey, Flynn. Danny Flynn. Do you not know me ? Ike ? Ike Weir ? Ah, ashamed of me, are ya ? Pretending not to see me. It’s good to see you, lke. What are you doin’ here ?Best Fish Adventure