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that blue setof sheets? It’s in my room Help bring it here for me Why change it into the blue one? Blue colors help to sleep. Didn’tyou know that? Rubbish Wear the shirts for me to see Wear the shirts for me to see! If they don’t fit, I’ll go get them exchanged tomorrow Okay, I’ll wear them foryou tomorrow Do you want to eatsome fruits? There’s wax-apples It’s okay. I’m sleeping soon For breakfast tomorrow morning, how about I make some congee foryou? It’s okay. You can just buy something Then, it’ll just be Games Rice rolls orsandwiches? Buy some rice rolls for me Do you wantsoy milk or rice milk? Son Son! Soy milk or rice milk? Whichever, soy milk then Do you want it iced orwarm? Okay mom, I have to work. Leave the room now It’s notgood to drink iced drinks Okay Okay Good Night Mom, what do you want? Didn’tyou want the blue sheets? Where were those photos taken? From before, during the petition activity Where was this? At the city government building Handsome There are quite a few people there Yes, there were many people that time Who’s that? Nobody, justa colleague at the company Okay mom I have to rest. You leave now Don’tstay up so late Okay. Good night Water Be careful It’s very expensive. Don’t let itspill More More Games Continue Okay Yes Mom, the cake from this store is notso sweet How much did this piece cost? God, thatexpensive? The bread store we have here sells it foronly yuan a piece I bought it foryou to eat I’m notasking you to pay for it Cheater If itweren’t for me saving and scrimping so much what milk would you have drank growing up? And I even letyou study until junior high Now, are you richer than other people? Ah Ni Thank you How much did those books cost? I got them from the church, for free For free If that’s the case, you can take some more I’ll take them and sell them to workers from outside the city, yuan per book and also earn a bitof money Mom, what’s this doing here? Adding water to the alcohol You’re making alcohol in private If you sell it, that’s wrong And you even add water You don’t