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Look at these. Look. There’s Maclean. ”Holy Family Sweep the All lrelands.” Sighs What a waste of life. Six of them dead. Why the hell did you get mixed up with them ? The police were burning people out of their homes, lke. Soldiers shootin’ people on the corner. Why the hell do you think I got involved ? I don’t know. What’s in the cupboard ? Ah, it’s locked. We’re lockin’ up, lads. There’s only odds and ends in there belongin’ to the community center. in’ semtex. Vehicles Approaching C.B. Radio, lndistinct Helicopter Whirring Train Whistle Blowing These are explosives, Birdy. Why the didn’t you tell me he was rootin’ around in here ? Kept an eye on him. The lock’s broken. It’s gone. Floor Creaks Danny. Can I have a word with you ? You’re in trouble. What did you do ? I found some stuff. Semtex. Under the stage ? Whispering Bastards. Well, where is it now ? In the river. Well, why didn’t you give it back to my father ? So they can kill more innocent people ? What do you mean, innocent people ? I mean innocent people, Maggie. Do you want to get yourself killed, Danny ? Not particularly. Why did you really come back ? What do you mean ? I don’t believe you just came back here to box. If you ask me to leave, I’ll go. If I ask you to leave. Well, how far can you go, Danny ? Turn around, start walking, and when you’ve walked for years, then stop and think about what you did to me. I did it for ya. Oh, my God. Chuckles I’m sorry. Man On P.A. The next train from platform one… will be the : service to Londonderry Continues, lndistinct I think we’re safe enough here. Ah, we’re fine. Don’t worry about us. Thank you. You used to talk to me, Danny. You used to make me laugh. Oh, go on, make me laugh. Am I not funny ? No. Sighs Talk to me, Danny. Sighs Talk to you in my mind. What do you mean ? In prison, you get used to silence, you know ? I mean, at first, you, you hold on to all the old voices in your head kids you knew at school, old friends and such. Well, after a while, those voices start to fade, and you end up talkin Best Fly Kitty Time